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Command Center is a real need for Leaders in the era of Digital and there is an emerging role “Commander”

Emerging ROLE in the era of digital


We discovered a system issue after visiting war rooms in several contexts. They are often an expensive video-wall system and the intended use is to facilitate decision making and sound like their command center. When demonstrated with daily usage, the primary use case is surprisingly simple, Screen Sharing. This causes our critical thinking.

In trying to understand stakeholder requirements, the following design issue has come up many times.

We find one aspect that a Tiny TOC/CC can provide the capabilities needed by stakeholders in an affordable way, so we start the development of a lightweight & viable TOC/CC


We have plans for fast growth in terms of scenario numbers, the applications of emerged digital technology & systems engineering that are valuable for growing organizations, and appropriate for systems lifecycle management in accordance with the industrial communities.

Script-Conductive: Head Office Bangkok – Level 17 Alma Link Building 25 Chidlom Ploenchit Lumpini Pathumwan Bangkok 10330 Thailand. Email: Office: +66 2-681-9700 Cell phone: +66 9-2432-0553


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Industrial Relevance & System Awareness

We are aware of the complex structure and lifecycle of your systemt

Our consultant holds OMG-certified SysML (OCSMP) and has a focus on ISO 15288 Systems lifecycle processes. We are aware of the complex structure and lifecycle of your system and we look in accordance with the quality attributes you have built.

We build Industrial Relevance

We are aware of the industrial relevance and the right perspectives at work. Find Script Conductive on Digital Twin Consortium and OPC Foundation

The logos are under licensed and able to use for marketing purposes.

We perform MBSE & Semantic Data Tasks

Applications of Standard Modeling Languages focusing on SysML, Domain-Specific Language Development, To be part of your MDE/MBSE project team, Build modeling infrastructure and facilities for automated software engineering tasks, Requirements management, V&V, and Traceability, Knowledge base & Ontology & OpenData